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At Weizmann, we are committed to maintaining small class sizes and to differentiated teaching strategies that fit individual students' educational and social development.

Students learn core skills in an integrated curriculum that includes: language arts; STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) studies; social studies and humanities; fine arts, perfoming arts, music studies; physical education; and Hebrew language and Judaic studies.

At all grade levels, we enrich the academic curriculum with specialized programs, including field trips and project-based learning.  

Our graduates transition seamlessly to the area's leading private secondary and high schools including: Polytechnic School, Westridge School for Girls, Sequoyah School, Flintridge Preparatory School, the Waverly School, and de Toledo High School. Students have also transitioned well to arts magnet schools, such as the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, as well as honors and gifted programs at local public schools. Weizmann provides an excellent foundation for students to excel at secondary schools of all sizes and educational philosophies.

Our alumni have also gone on to attend selective universities including:

    Columbia Harvard NYU Tulane Berkeley UCLA USC

What Our Faculty Says About Weizmann

I love that this community supports the pursuit of excellence.
Ms. Wendy Bat-Sarah, Director of Performing Arts

I love that because of the size of our wonderful community, I know every student and teacher.
Mr. Albert Marks, Middle School Math & Science, 5th Grade Science & K-8 PE

I cherish watching all of our students thrive in a Jewish educational environment. I also appreciate working with such a talented team of professionals.
Ms. Lori Snyder, School Administrator

My favorite part about the Weizmann community is that the staff both work and act like a family. We all happily support one another, and collaborate as a team to make the community that much more successful!
Ms. Shabtai, 2nd Grade

I like seeing art work develop as the students grow over time.
Ms. Dinerman, K-8 Art, 1st Grade Judaic Studies & School Garden Specialist

I especially enjoy seeing how quickly the children at Weizmann Day School begin forming sentences and assimilating the Hebrew language. It is, to me, magical and amazing.
Morah Maayan Ohayon, Hebrew Teacher