School-wide Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Weizmann Day School will be dedicated to:

1.    Lifelong Learning

  • Seeking knowledge as lifelong readers and researchers
  • Analyzing information and ideas with critical thinking  and research skills
  • Problem-solving in all areas of life
  • Evaluating information and ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Gaining skills in a variety of technology for beneficial purposes
  • Practicing effective time-management  while prioritizing tikkun olam – making the world a better place

2.    Jewish Culture and Values

  • Integrating midot – Jewish values – in daily life
  • Participating actively in the Jewish community
  • Continuing study of Judaic arts, texts, and ethics
  • Fostering a connection to Israel

3.    Responsible Citizenship

  • Participating in mitzvah – service to others –  in the community and beyond
  • Demonstrating respect for all people and the environment
  • Fostering emotional, social, and physical health of self and others
  • Understanding and participating in the democratic process
  • Demonstrating leadership and ethical decision-making

4.    Effective Communication

  • Expressing themselves clearly through many forms of speech, writing, media, and non-verbal behaviors
  • Listening actively and responding appropriately in a variety of settings
  • Participating cooperatively in multi-age activities and in small and large groups
  • Continuing development of multilingual abilities and multicultural understanding

5.    The Arts

  • Enriching their lives through the arts as both performers and audience
  • Understanding the arts across history and cultures
  • Continuing their experience with Shakespeare